Date 30/03/2018

Volkswagen and plans to electrolyte in the future vehicles.

$2 billion was invested by Volkswagen in an organization called Electrify America. EA said it would begin implementing the plan in US states. EA intends to install 2,800 second-level charging stations between now and June 2019. And will replicate the model out to neighboring countries.

The number of charging stations will be set up in 500 areas. Of these, 17 are major US cities. Each area has several to dozens of small and large stations. EA said the location of the charging stations was carefully considered for close working or living areas of the people. This allows them to easily recharge their vehicles when they are at work or home. The rate will be split at 75:25, with most of them next to office buildings. 

“One of the biggest barriers to universal electric vehicles is how to get people accessing the infrastructure they need the most,” says Mark McNabb, CEO of EA. “Having a charging station close to where you live and work will help electric vehicles quickly demonstrate their standing thanks to their convenience and reliability.” According to EA, charging stations in the workplace will increase the purchase of trams by 6 times.

However, it is worth mentioning that the EA / VW charging stations only stop at level 2. They can only charge about 35-40km per hour. Volkswagen is considering and deploying more in many countries and by 2025. Let’s wait for the next evolution of VW and EA.