Date 09/04/2018

Look back to 2017 and future plans of the Volkswagen Group.

The Volkswagen Group has over 50 manufacturing plants located in 14 countries. Since the line of the legendary Beetle, the car has come into operation 72 years ago. More than 150 million VW cars have been shipped. Volkswagen’s global product portfolio reaches more than 60 models.


In the year 2017, Volkswagen Group has launched over 10 new models around the world. The company said in the next few years, the entire product line will be refreshed. Volkswagen said that major segments such as SUVs and EVs will have all-new models.


In the next 2017, the SUV segment will be strengthened. By 2020, Volkswagen will launch 19 SUV models worldwide. The VW Group plans to increase the SUV’s share in the overall model to 40%. The Volkswagen Group aims to increase the share of trams in total vehicle sales to around 25% by 2020 through the Roadmap E. That would correspond to 2-3 million vehicles delivered annually.

From 2020 onwards, Volkswagen Group will build a complete line of electric vehicles. According to various sources, Crozz will officially be the first product in VW’s complete range of electric vehicles, with a prefix called I.D. The product will be officially introduced to the US market in the near future. Volkswagen intends to build on a completely new platform for EV. The current electric car family includes I.D, I.D Crozz and I.D Buzz are due for release in the near future.