Date 29/03/2018

Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace has been “sold out” 120 ordered.

Tiguan Allspace 2018 has just arrived at Hiep Phuoc Port in early March 2018 has “Sold out”. Volkswagen Saigon customers had to deposit and wait for the shipment two months ago. Tiguan Allspace this time just cleared and will be handed over to customers in May 2018.

Tiguan Allspace is the most comprehensive upgrade from Volkswagen to the SUV lineup. With both exterior and interior improvements, it is easy to understand why customers are so expecting. Tiguan Allspace ‘s 4.7m track is a plus that significantly increases the comfort of the drilling rigs. In addition, the new Tiguan is also upgraded to seven spacious seats.

The published price of Tiguan Allspace is 1,699 billion VND (VAT included). This is a very reasonable price for a pure German SUV. In particular, the standard equipment on safety in the car standard European. Tiguan is equipped with 6 airbags, ensuring safety for the driver and passengers on the car. The car color choices for customers are: blue, blue, black, white, orange and red.

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