Date 26/03/2018

Volkswagen AG and 150th million vehicle produced.

The product marks the historic milestone for the German automobile brand as a blue Volkswagen Golf GTE electric car. Volkswagen improved its image by focusing on the development of electric vehicles. For that reason, Volkswagen has chosen the Golf GTE (an electric car) as the replacement for the 150th anniversary of the car.

Volkswagen took 80 years to achieve this milestone. Since its founding in 1937 and experiencing the period of non-stop development. It has built and built more than 50 manufacturing facilities in 14 countries around the world.

The event is not just about Volkswagen’s claim to the future of electric vehicles. This is also an important milestone for the Golf line. From 2013, the seventh Volkswagen Golf has sold over 4 million units. The total number of vehicles sold on the market increased to 34 million units. Golf has far exceeded other models such as Polo (17 million), Jetta (19.5 million), Passat (20 million) or even the legendary Beetle (21.5 million). VW Golf has become the most successful product in the history of the Volkswagen brand. 

The Wolfsburg factory itself also plays an important role in this memorable milestone. Since its construction 72 years ago, the factory has produced over 44 million products, supplying to the global market.

At present, Volkswagen owns a huge catalog of products. More than 60 existing models, along with 10 new models, will be introduced this year. From 2020, VW will officially introduce the lineup “I.D” – electric car products completely. Volkswagen hopes to reach 1 million EVs sold in the next five years.